Pre-litigation Counseling

When conflict has arisen and litigation is threatening, preventative action is recommended. The experienced litigators at Grant | Shenon are correspondingly skilled at achieving early settlement of disputes to avoid the trials and tribulations of going to court. Our goal is to minimize the fees, expenses and waste of time that unnecessary litigation entails. We pride ourselves on being strong in the important roles of negotiation and resolving private disputes. From the novel to the commonplace, we have successfully negotiated innumerable disputes.

The first step in avoiding litigation is to garner a deep understanding of the facts that underly the dispute. Starting with interviewing, questioning, and interrogating witnesses and stakeholders, our aggressive lawyers are up to the challenge of inducing a settlement. We will gather all the facts in an objective fashion to make sure that avoiding litigation makes sense, and at the same time be ready in case litigation is unavoidable. The skills that our team have nurtured in practicing in many state and federal courts – and in a range of arbitral and other alternative dispute resolution forums – will help you with the key steps related to settlement and preempting litigation.

We will develop an understanding of the adversary’s position, engage outside experts in complex cases, and communicate clearly with you regarding the case prospects. It is critically important to have credibility in the eyes of all stakeholders and parties; patiently and deliberately working up the case contributes to that credibility.

Over the course of representing hundreds of clients in various areas, including breach of contract claims, collections, derivative shareholder actions, contractual and business torts, our attorneys have successfully assessed the value of claims and provided negotiated solutions. We encourage you to call us to speak with someone from our team who can establish the counseling framework that you might need.

We recognize that every dispute is unique, and that pre-litigation strategy must be carefully tailored to the matter at hand by a lawyer deeply experienced in dispute resolution. We work with our clients to achieve a balance between their objectives and the strength of their legal position, in an effort to develop a pre-litigation strategy crafted that is likely to achieve those objectives while managing risks and being mindful of costs. Through such an approach, our Southern California-based legal practice can become a powerful tool in the service of our clients’ goals – a capability that need not always be fully-deployed to achieve the desired result, but one that is highly effective when necessary.