– Steve Jobs

Mergers and Acquisitions

Thinking about the astronomical success for Steve Jobs and Apple, was the source of it merger and acquisitions or great product design? It may have been some of the former, much of the latter, and consumers who didn’t know that they needed an iPhone. Steve Jobs had a great business mind, and he needed strategic acquisitions to grow his ambition, but his heart was fixated on product design. For example, he was dead set on creating the first fully packaged computer, not a kit for a hobbyist to assemble.

A great company hires effective professionals (attorneys, accountants, etc.) and focuses on its core strengths. Jobs did not waste time learning about M&As, he simply hired effective, trusted lawyers to perform the ones that Apple needed to become a trillion-dollar company, while he focused on design work and other strategic elements.

Whether you are a Steve Jobs or a sole proprietor, you have a vision, a passion, and a plan. You want to improve your competitive position, acquire new capabilities, obtain resources that are vital for growth, or improve agility. We understand your needs and have spent our professional careers helping people sitting right where you are right now. We can help move you from there to where you want to be. The obstacles that your business faces surely include limited time, stifling regulations, and competitors who are also using a strategy of mergers and acquisitions.

If you watch the news or follow social media, you can’t help but be aware of the best and worst mergers and acquisitions of all time. There is a wide variance of results and we do not know exactly how the real winners or losers fare because of the media bias towards the big stories. Keep in mind that whether or not the new company ends up being better than the sum of the parts, you can avoid a lot of pain by using veteran attorneys and conducting the transaction efficiently to minimize future litigation. The attorneys at Grant | Shenon will provide effective advice and execute transactions in a forthright manner.

A business may have certain strategic options such as corporate mergers and acquisitions, dispositions, or joint ventures. Grant | Shenon’s clients depend on its lawyers to provide them with a breadth of experience and sound legal advice on understanding and assessing their options as well as executing complex transactions. Our goal is to serve our clients effectively, using a practical, business-oriented approach to crafting workable, individualized solutions.

We work as outside general counsel to companies both large and small. We assist clients across a variety of industries, including:

Whether it is a small asset cash acquisition or a large international business acquisition, Grant | Shenon can assist you by providing the best available corporate mergers and acquisitions legal services in Los Angeles. We utilize a variety of sources to retrieve and analyze current information about the other party (or parties) to the business combination and fully acquaint ourselves with our client’s business, as well as how the proposed transaction fits into its plans. From this point, we move forward according to the client’s timetable, taking as active or passive a role as our client wishes. Lead counsel will oversee the legal due diligence investigation of the target company and help structure the transaction. Lead counsel will also help with negotiations and will team with attorneys from within the law firm to craft the necessary agreements specifically tailored to each transaction.