Adam D.H. Grant
Adam is a family man and extreme athlete. He is a 13-time Ironman finisher, and placed 13th in the Ultraman World Championship. He enjoys training, spending time with his three daughters, and traveling with his wife..
"To craft a legal strategy, you must know the story.”

His first step in solidifying the attorney-client relationship is listening carefully to his client’s story, learning the background, the players, and all the details in between. From there, he works directly with his client to create a path to their most favorable outcome. His 30+ years of experience, and superb knowledge of the law and legal procedure, gives his clients an unparalleled advantage over the other side. With carefully planned moves, Adam’s collected demeanor and well-articulated legal arguments often lead to resolution long before a costly trial.

Adam D.H. Grant is a shareholder of Grant | Shenon. He supports the firm’s litigation practice with expertise in complex business disputes, mobile app law, online and digital privacy, embezzlement issues, construction law and real estate matters. He has successfully litigated in both state and federal courts. His endurance and stamina, from years of legal experience, as well as intense training in extreme sports, can outlast anyone he comes up against.

While keeping an eye on strategies to avoid litigation, both business leaders and opposing counsel understand that with Adam’s extensive trial experience he can successfully handle all aspects of litigation. His thorough approach to resolving disputes is always crafted with the client’s perspective and company’s culture in mind. Adam gets to know his clients, their businesses, objectives, desires, and goals, and his holistic approach takes into account the entire situation, both financial and emotional. He helps his clients weigh the costs and benefits of every decision along the way, while educating them on their options, and empowering them to choose the best route for their unique situation.

When it comes to his clients, Adam is not just a zealous advocate, he is a practical advisor and trusted confidant. He understands that litigation is both very stressful and extremely expensive, so his objective is never just to win at all costs. Not surprisingly, many of his clients become close friends long after their cases are resolved.
Adam D.H. Grant
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