– Peter Drucker

General Business Consulting

Oftentimes, businesses were founded on a great idea or a great specific skill or product, but they did not have a comprehensive set of skills or a strategy in place to succeed in the marketplace. Other times, they had a great idea and strong overall skills, but were missing expertise in a particular area, like marketing or financing. These shortcomings are the Achilles heels that prevent them from making the leap to the next level. In a hypercompetitive market, these shortfalls can cause losses. It’s crazy, we will hire an accountant to file our taxes, an attorney to review our contracts, but haven’t cozied up to the concept of hiring a consultant to help run an efficient and profitable business.

At Grant | Shenon, we embrace the idea of also helping clients far outside the courtroom and law library. We want to take the extensive business experience that we have and help you find peace of mind. We know that budgets are tight and have the market is competitive. Our services are top-notch, flexible and affordable, how many other firms offer that combination?Our services include the following:

As a small business ourselves, we have an affinity for small businesses. We are happy to discuss with you a custom plan that will maximize the return on your investment. We deliver exceptional quality consulting services for our customers with a team of highly seasoned staff.