Win Back Control with Shenon Law Group

September 26, 2023

Win Back Control with Shenon Law Group

Fraud is very interesting.  We’ve all heard a story, but what do you do when a con artist has slammed into your hard earned monies?  There are many official routes:  the State of California Department of Justice has consumer alert help; local police have bureaus and crime prevention checklists for burned consumers while County District Attorneys provide warning signs to avoid sweetheart scams.  These are all establishments we know to trust, to act on our behalf, but often we at Shenon Law Group hear that these authorities advise consumers to “find a good attorney”.

We have all been victims of a con, with that soft falling feeling when a deal goes bad, or when we witness a manipulation.  There is a lot of reflection (how did this happen?!) when a business partner, longtime friend, or worse – a family member breaches our trust.  The United States government devotes major website content on common scams and frauds.  ( ) If your situation involves contractual fraud however, Uncle Sam won’t tell you how to understand the binding terms – this is the specialty we offer at Shenon Law Group, to cut through the fog, explore what is legally enforceable and set out your options to move ahead.  We are the relief you have been looking for.

At Shenon Law Group we have heard many stories like these.  It’s a sensitive violation, this breach of trust, or business fraud – but when we take your call our focus is to find the facts and feel out the timeline so our attorneys may apply their business skills and legal know-how to resolve your matter in a practical but aggressive legal context.  As business lawyers, we have the skill to review the legal dangers. If your situation involves a promissory note or real estate transaction our real estate lawyers will explore the history of the breach brought on by the business con who entered your life.

What is a con artist?  They play on the desire of what you want, with true mastery.  What’s worse is that they now recognize our smartphone overuse which creates problematic decision-making.  Our judgment is simply getting weaker, and this failure in self-regulation is now a source of scientific study (US National Library of Medicine/Frontiers in Psychology The con artist knowingly plays in this field of artificial ‘reward and time gratification’ where we are impulsively living every day.  We often see business transfers, real estate deals, family property challenges or renovation promises turn into a toxic financially crippling concern.

You may recall in the rewind how the misrepresentation started.  The con artist expressed great understanding and conversation (the PLAY), showing logic and persuasion (the ROPE) then with your fear reduced–baiting some kind of scheme (the TALE), as suddenly the logistics of it all make sense. (a swoon to the CONVINCER)  Once on this path, we are lost in a web of self-persuasion, that we deserve this sudden stroke of good luck.  At this juncture we have stopped second-guessing.  The time to think it over is gone, and once rip-off suspicions are confirmed it becomes a major source of insomnia.

Our intake calls at Shenon Law Group are handled with the highest confidentiality and appropriate information handling – making us one of the most respected and sensitive legal teams in Los Angeles in the business law, contract law and dispute resolution field.  We will fill in the details, determine the genesis of your problem and use this map to lay out the issues to the attorney who may then consult on your legal situation.

Don’t let your case go unreported.  If you have a contract question, a legal breach, partnership dispute, a business law or real estate purchase or other consumer experience where you need a high value attorney to navigate your rights, take the time to make a list.  Then take a breath, and call us.  We may very well be the only legal outfit in Los Angeles who will give you a straight answer on the cost, time and commitment it will take to unravel the con.  And we’re good at it.