The Importance of a Business Lawyer

September 26, 2023

The Importance of a Business Lawyer

In addition to the legal help needed to create a business and maintain normal operations, a business owner may need to prepare for the possibility of disputes and litigation. These situations can impact the financial stability of a new or established business, and being exposed to such risks requires the expertise and the guidance of an attorney experienced in business law.

The attorneys and the legal professionals at The Shenon Law, located near you in Sherman Oaks, California, want to educate their clients, current and new, on the need and the importance of business lawyers.

Where Lawyers Can Help

The day-to-day operations and decisions of any business typically do not require the expertise of an attorney. However, there are situations outside of the norm that will require legal expertise. These situations include advice on the:

  1. Structuring the organization
  2. Financing through an external source
  3. Negotiating contracts and leases
  4. Creating handbooks and standard operating procedures
  5. Guiding through the merger and acquisitions process
  6. Advising on the protection of intellectual property

The Need for a Lawyer

Each industry and business structure has its own regulations, licensing and rules for compliance. Often, laws at the Federal and the State levels will contradict with local regulations and ordinances. Laws and regulations change and evolve and, even if there is no change in operations, an owner may find the company out of compliance.

Often, changes in rules and laws follow the changes in the economy or in market conditions. An attorney will direct compliance under new or revised laws, and with those that may seem outdated but remaining in effect.

Important Laws for a Small Business

While it is impossible to list all of the laws affecting a small business and its operations, below is a list of general laws applicable to any business.

  1. Consumer Protection
  2. Contracts and Leases
  3. Employment and Labor
  4. Environmental
  5. Intellectual Property
  6. Licensing and Permitting
  7. Zoning

Regardless of the experience of a business owner, one should never navigate the areas of law and compliance without the advice and counsel of an experienced business attorney. Any proactive actions taken prior to an issue, dispute or lawsuit will save time, money and the reputation of the company.

If you would like additional information on how an experienced attorney in business law can help you, please contact Shenon Law, located in Sherman Oaks, California, for a free consultation. The legal professionals of Shenon Law are looking forward to finding out how we can represent your interests.