Shenon Law, the Enviable Legal Standard

September 26, 2023

Shenon Law, the Enviable Legal Standard

In the glossy skyscrapers of Century City and downtown Los Angeles, there are fleets of well-heeled advocates of law with breathtaking reputations and huge vocabularies. When it comes to practical legal needs however, there are thousands of business owners who do not enter these glass and marble establishments for a variety of reasons. Shenon Law confidently meets this “L.A. Law” level of legal expertise, offering high efficiency with inclusive service for a variety of business owners and entrepreneurs.

We explain how to pursue your legal rights with the same legal know-how and dispute resolution experience consumers crave from the best lawyers in Los Angeles – just without the charade of a stagnant legal system established decades ago in Southern California. We believe the old firm approach locks out productivity in this escalating digital time. We at Shenon Law are comfortably crossing into something akin to the Aquarian Age of law, by creating the best and most responsive legal team in Southern California.

As a premier breakthrough legal team in Los Angeles, we adhere to our own “legal standard” in our processes and how we handle clients.

Our law firm understands our clients’ needs first – applying professional approaches to legal problems. Our office know-how is one of our keys. A lot of it stems from our treatment of each other. We at Shenon Law believe no team can thrive without consideration of each other’s work, outlook, energy levels and unity in housekeeping the firm’s slate of affairs.

We all experience electronic exhaustion in the scripting and prompting of our robotic world. Our standard is to avoid a lot of the ‘virtual’ miscommunication that occurs in law offices now. Shenon Law’s law firm culture heeds the human standard by maintaining visual and verbal cues, endorsing meetings and humanized interactions in our digital workplace. There are interesting studies reviewing the societal change we have experienced in the last decade: see Psychology Today: Consider how often we text in place of any other form of communication. We keep this balanced out in our office environment, unlike a lot of other law firms who push full “automation” to make it easy or cheaper. This auto-administration technique is artificial and can destroy productivity if relied on without team analysis and reflective thought. At Shenon Law we believe a demanding law arena–and the needs of our clients—bring a high responsibility.

You will notice our style from first contact with Shenon Law. Our intake team has the most sensitive and understanding ability with people from all walks of life, a rare and calming gift in rough seas not only for our callers – but for our attorneys who receive concise legal summaries of your call so they may explore your legal needs. This is our lawyering standard of care. Our paralegals represent the finest legal support available in the industry. Daily, they hone in on the most important matters for attorneys. Our paralegals escalate productivity by delivering timely deadlines while maintaining mechanisms found “under the hood” of a highly effective legal workflow. We recognize their services save money for both the client and the firm.

There are a lot of things that make a legal team run efficiently. Our lawyers directly monitor your case or legal matter. We anticipate the needs ahead with an eye on how to mitigate (reduce) a client’s exposure. Many clients came to Shenon Law after a whirlwind of difficulty in getting proper legal service. We bring advanced solutions, in an effective legal context while keeping costs and fees practical to protect the client’s budget. This is our standard, our legal consciousness. Shenon Law Group offers the best lawyers in Los Angeles for your business and contract needs.