On the Phone with Shenon Law Group

September 26, 2023

On the Phone with Shenon Law Group

Legal issues can be mentally painful, an all-consuming growing list of items that become a real nuisance. Our callers express a need for legal health. At Shenon Law Group, we hear you.

We take the time to navigate the whole legal picture with you, without the sound of a scripted intake experience.

Shenon Law Group’s intake team will take the time to listen to the reason for your call. To your benefit, it’s the paralegal and operations manager, not some phone bank of disgruntled employees. We’re not case evaluators, but we will set your best face forward, expressing your needs in a trusted legal team setting to connect you with one of our qualified business attorneys.

We hear stories of legal trauma, business needs, complicated contract dispute histories, commercial and residential real estate deals gone wild or vivid business formation anxieties.

How long will it take when I call Shenon Law Group?

Like any efficient business model, we sometimes have to triage callers but almost all of our free phone consultations are scheduled within 24 hours. Our scope of experience with business matters combined with our responsive method is unmet by any other legal team in Los Angeles.

How do I explain what I want from a legal team?

We’ve heard it all. Tell us off the top of your call what the core issue is, who the villain is (so we can ID the parties), when the problem came to your attention (so the attorney can determine any Statute of Limitations); the players, the property, the amount of money lost, any follow up or written exchange (that’s evidence, by text or email or letter which can establish the timeline of case history). However, it’s best if you don’t Google legal jargon, or self-diagnose your claims. You might miss some key matters for discussion with our legal intake coordinators by thinking in one direction. Let the process happen.

We will always want to know what’s going to make you happy, so don’t be surprised by this question. Think about what will make you sleep at night, what resolution you consider fair and down to earth if you are thinking of litigation (or pre-litigation negotiations) as the route to go. Some business disputes just have to make that journey, and Shenon Law Group has the tools to resolve all kinds of legal matters ranging from a breach of contract and business fraud litigation to needing a demand letter or a Licensing Agreement drafted.

At Shenon Law Group, our intake team will collect key information to give you a quality experience, creating more time for your lead-up discussion with the attorney to expedite your legal health.