The Crisis Entrepreneur

September 26, 2023

The Crisis Entrepreneur

No doubt, we have suffered the biggest mental, financial, emotional and societal collapse of our lifetimes. We turn to history and find that in chaos there is always opportunity. This blog is for the forward-thinking business opportunist.

So how does one get there? Why do we keep hearing the word “pivot” as a new personal standard? Does this mean homegrown craftsmanship or survivor mentality? This could be a window of opportunity to seed possibly both.

Most Americans have enjoyed a quasi-servant household, flourishing on Amazon and Postmates lifestyles. This is all changing to some degree as the gig economy moves on, but as consumers our living memory of this experience will stick around – opening possibilities for business ingenuity as we cocoon in our homes for the foreseeable future. People want to be served a new definition of wealth in healthcare alternatives, clean air and water options, food choices and family support with a local focus. We are all learning the message to live within our means, but consumer and service options in our new villages will create unusual business opportunities. It is no surprise to any of us that the history we collectively witnessed demonstrates that the rich had no idea of how the average American has been living week to week. Consumers will continue to be more prone to thrift and do-it-yourself, but the ways we will strive to keep our families content will reveal a new range of business services and products.

There is a global reset, but you should consider starting in the market you know. Maybe create your own think tank, pool talent and resources, then identify strengths in potential business partners. Do your research, find out what you need to communicate your business profile, its target and establish this project in your life. Consider online marketing, determine what you can afford. You should monitor economic news for new government offerings for small and medium-sized businesses. Shenon Law Group’s owner Natela Shenon reviewed a number of government stimulus programs on Instagram, so take a few minutes in that archive and gain some ideas on how these programs work. [Here>: ]

When you have questions for a business lawyer, we have the answers. Shenon Law Group has reviewed a wide variety of needs from architects to salon spa equipment traders to construction moguls. We can analyze the type of entity you need for your business start-up. We provide customized website policies to protect you from liability in this new frontier. You may need a trademark or policy writing, or navigating licensing requirements. You may need someone to interpret a COVID affected property lease. You may need to develop a partnership agreement to protect your assets. You may need some legal language to bring on a 1099 employee (independent contractor) or a regular employee in the new world of work– either way, you will need some form of agreement, policy and procedure to again, protect your business. Shenon Law offers a full scope of business lawyer services and can discuss what you need for your specific business legal needs.

The crazy pace we’ve been living for the past five years has now decompressed. The air is cleaner. The street is quieter and with this we look to new living standards. Americans will return to a new form of ancillary spending for our families (spending on anything other than household/food and clothing basics) as we grip our new economy. We are all self-healing and will promote local resources in new ways. We are resilient creatures, and will enjoy and embrace the best quality of life we can experience. Clever entrepreneurs will learn this new language and Shenon Law Group is here to support your vision with the best legal services in Los Angeles.