Protect Your Business Against Coronavirus Scams

September 26, 2023

Protect Your Business Against Coronavirus Scams

Snake oil salesmen are growing their business these days, and are looking for you.  Privacy really matters during tough times.  We urge you to monitor the technology that keeps your business image going, your website, social media and all the matters that protect your business affairs.   Shenon Law attorneys can review or create your business policies to ensure new and old employees alike are following your wishes to protect your business health.

If you have social media, remember that is the first place customers will go when they have some extra time on their hands.  The line between “personal” and “business” social media is blurry, so you should regularly review your preferences and present any concerns to your remote team, or set out in writing the agreed scope of content if you are in a partnership. If you have any legal questions concerning social media policy, call Shenon Law to speak with an attorney on these decisions.  Find out what we offer for website and social media policy governing its use for your employees. We have comprehensive or à la carte plans depending on your business needs to commemorate all kinds of policies and procedures.  You can expect a customized experience at affordable rates.

Think about online navigation – and the creep of malware. Many coronavirus or COVID-themed online names are fakers and are a primary source of malware in our current online environment. Less than a month after the Los Angeles Superior Court closed for the COVID-19 crisis, the Court sent out a press release warning the public about online electronic communication scams. See:

Email attachments are one of the most common ways malware can damage the technology supporting your business, installing a virus that will look for your private business information. Phishing email is a type of spam that offers a link in the body of the email, asks you to download an attachment or probes for personal information. Don’t open attachments or links in emails unless you have confirmed the transmittal with the sender.  Viruses and ransomware continue to adapt.  Hackers are coding artists so ensure you revisit your antivirus software to ensure it is up to date and running scans properly.

With employers experiencing a new remote workforce, the FBI released tips in response to the increase of digital attacks:

Fraud is incredibly interruptible to your business, your focus, your life.  This new world needs digital hygiene.  So make yourself some new cryptic passwords to protect your business, not one based on your last name. Secure your home network with software patches or updates to thwart hackers.  Read the official links in this blog and consider Shenon Law as your business lawyer.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable and can assist you with your entire scope of business concerns during challenging times.  We can arrange for a brief free phone consultation, or a paid teleconference online to explore your legal needs.  Please call our office or fill out our webform here on the website for more information.